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Posted: 14th October 2011 by YardGnome
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Finished Handy Disc KeeperHandy Disc Keeper stuck to the side of a computer to keep a DVD/CD handyA handy disc keeper with a game DVD on it, keeping it handy for frequent use1 Star difficulty rating





This is a sim­ple but use­ful way to keep a CD or DVD handy, by clip­ping it to the side of your com­put­er or the side or back of your monitor.

 Two DVD cases used for making the Handy Disc KeeperIt is made from a com­mon DVD case like these, which you prob­a­bly have around the house. I used white, for vis­i­bil­i­ty, but you may want to make yours black so it does­n’t stand out so much (depend­ing on the col­or of your com­put­er, of course).

 carpet tape for sticking the Handy Disc Keeper to a nearby object like your computer or monitorYou will also need:

  • dou­ble sided car­pet tape — about 2″ wide,
  • a ruler,
  • a mark­ing pen,
  • a straight pin, and
  • heavy duty scis­sors or shop shears or tin snips.


Marking the center of the square of carpet tapeFirst, cut off a square of car­pet tape. I sug­gest mea­sur­ing and mark­ing so the square of tape real­ly is “square”. This will be help­ful because the tape can be used as a guide for cut­ting a neat look­ing square out of the DVD case.

Next, mark the cen­ter of the tape square, on the sticky side, by draw­ing diag­o­nal lines from cor­ner to corner.


Pushing a pin through the center of the tape squareAfter that, push the pin through the cen­ter point from the “peel off” side.



Aligning the center of the tape square with the center of the disc holder

Put the point of the pin right in the cen­ter of the back of the lit­tle but­ton that the disc clips onto, and slide the tape along the pin so it is per­fect­ly cen­tered on the disc clip. It does­n’t mat­ter which way it is rotat­ed. Rub the tape so it is stuck on well.



All that is left to do is to neat­ly cut the DVD case along the edges of the tape. Then, just peal off the back­ing tape and stick your Handy Disc Keep­er where it will be most use­ful. I sug­gest you snap a disc onto it to help you see how far from the top and side of your com­put­er to place the Disc Keep­er so that the edges don’t extend too far past the edge.

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