This is a collection of free, very detailed, how-to instructions for making a variety of do-it-yourself projects. It was inspired by realizing that, after I went to all the work of figuring out the details of building something, I ought to document the process so others could make use of my experience (and so I’d have good notes in case I want to revisit one). Many of these projects are my own ideas, and others are projects designed, or inspired by someone else. I have tried to give attributions in each project to the originator or inspiration, if other than myself.

All the projects have a difficulty rating, indicating their complexity or the general skill level required. Browse around to find something that interests you and give it a try! Please add any comments you would like about how the project worked for you, how you changed it, or what you would do differently if you did it again.

Category Descriptions

• Fun – games, toys, practical jokes and the like

• Useful – tools, furniture, space or time saving devices – things you can “use”

• Mod/Hack – increasing the usefulness or re-purposing something

• Procedure – a process which doesn’t necessarily yield a product, such as a woodworking technique or repair process

Difficulty Ratings

• 1 star – Relatively few steps, accuracy not critical, special tools not needed, minimal consequences for deviating from the instructions

• 2 stars – May not turn out so well if instructions not followed closely, or measurements aren’t accurate enough, sharp or potentially dangerous tools may be needed

• 3 stars – Attention to details is needed, tolerances may be closer and fit and finish are important, power tools may be needed, consequences of messing up or cutting corners could result in personal injury or damage to expensive parts

• 4 stars – Same as 3 stars plus higher level of craft and attention to details is needed, could require creative troubleshooting before it will work properly

Project Submissions

If you have a project idea, or would like to document one of your own to submit to this site, please let me know via the contact form below. I welcome participation by you, the do-it-yourself community.