Mouse Trap Booby Trap

Posted: 8th May 2011 by YardGnome
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Tying one end of the pulling firework to the stickAttaching one end of the pulling firework to the trap wireTying one on: I like to begin by tying one end of a pulling fire­work around the stick, in the slots, using no more string than is need­ed. Make sure to use a dou­ble knot so it won’t slip. Next, with­out set­ting the mouse­trap yet, tie the oth­er end of the fire­work around the spring-loaded trap wire, fair­ly close to the piv­ot point in the mid­dle of the mouse­trap. Use the side of the trap wire that does­n’t have the spring attached. When tying this knot try not to leave too much slack in the pulling fire­work, as it needs to be pulled tight by the mouse­trap for it to go off.

Photo sequence showing how to set a mouse trap booby trapGet set: Piv­ot the spring-loaded trap wire to the side oppo­site the “cheese trig­ger”. Piv­ot the straight lever arm over the trap wire and lift the trig­ger to hold the lever arm in place. At this point, if the mouse trap goes off, the fire­work won’t, because it is still attached to the trap wire near the piv­ot point — in the “safe­ty” posi­tion. To “arm” the device, with a fin­ger wedged under the “cheese trig­ger” so it can’t go off, slide the knot along the trap wire and onto the cross bar of the spring-loaded trap wire. The Mouse­trap Boo­by-trap is now armed! Place it in a strate­gic “gotcha” loca­tion, and with your fin­ger still under the trig­ger, run the string to where it will be moved by your unsus­pect­ing vic­tim. Only now should you care­ful­ly remove your fin­ger from under the trigger.

Mouse Trap Booby Trap ready to set off


CAUTION: Please use the Mouse­trap Boo­by-trap respon­si­bly. Use only under close adult super­vi­sion. Please fol­low all cau­tions and instruc­tions on fire­works pack­age. Keep Mouse­trap Boo­by-traps away from small chil­dren and pets. Do not place it where it can be near some­one’s ear or face when it could go off. Be sure it can only star­tle some­one, not harm anyone.

Tips and Ideas

The trip string does­n’t nec­es­sar­i­ly need to be tied or taped to some­thing, some­times it can just be looped around some­thing a few times — the fric­tion of the string will still allow it to pull the trigger.

Place on refrig­er­a­tor and attach string to the door. This can be a big help to some­one try­ing to stay on their diet.

Place in a microwave oven and tape the string to the bot­tom of the door.

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  1. YardGnome says:

    It would be fun to see videos of peo­ple get­ting “caught” with one of these. Post them to YouTube, and share the address here.

  2. parradoxx says:

    My broth­er used to nail me with these things all the time. We had a trap war for the bet­ter part of a year. I ought to build one just for old-timey sake!

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