Mouse Trap Booby Trap

Posted: 8th May 2011 by YardGnome
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Tying one end of the pulling firework to the stickAttaching one end of the pulling firework to the trap wireTying one on: I like to begin by tying one end of a pulling firework around the stick, in the slots, using no more string than is needed. Make sure to use a double knot so it won’t slip. Next, without setting the mousetrap yet, tie the other end of the firework around the spring-loaded trap wire, fairly close to the pivot point in the middle of the mousetrap. Use the side of the trap wire that doesn’t have the spring attached. When tying this knot try not to leave too much slack in the pulling firework, as it needs to be pulled tight by the mousetrap for it to go off.

Photo sequence showing how to set a mouse trap booby trapGet set: Pivot the spring-loaded trap wire to the side opposite the “cheese trigger”. Pivot the straight lever arm over the trap wire and lift the trigger to hold the lever arm in place. At this point, if the mouse trap goes off, the firework won’t, because it is still attached to the trap wire near the pivot point – in the “safety” position. To “arm” the device, with a finger wedged under the “cheese trigger” so it can’t go off, slide the knot along the trap wire and onto the cross bar of the spring-loaded trap wire. The Mousetrap Booby-trap is now armed! Place it in a strategic “gotcha” location, and with your finger still under the trigger, run the string to where it will be moved by your unsuspecting victim. Only now should you carefully remove your finger from under the trigger.

Mouse Trap Booby Trap ready to set off


CAUTION: Please use the Mousetrap Booby-trap responsibly. Use only under close adult supervision. Please follow all cautions and instructions on fireworks package. Keep Mousetrap Booby-traps away from small children and pets. Do not place it where it can be near someone’s ear or face when it could go off. Be sure it can only startle someone, not harm anyone.

Tips and Ideas

The trip string doesn’t necessarily need to be tied or taped to something, sometimes it can just be looped around something a few times – the friction of the string will still allow it to pull the trigger.

Place on refrigerator and attach string to the door. This can be a big help to someone trying to stay on their diet.

Place in a microwave oven and tape the string to the bottom of the door.

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  1. YardGnome says:

    It would be fun to see videos of people getting “caught” with one of these. Post them to YouTube, and share the address here.

  2. parradoxx says:

    My brother used to nail me with these things all the time. We had a trap war for the better part of a year. I ought to build one just for old-timey sake!

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